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LS Ukrainian (Gentle) Angels Sets 76-100

LS Ukrainian (Gentle) Angels Sets 76-100
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  • LS Ukrainian (Gentle) Angels Sets 160.7 MB


Hi again all Good Pirates ! Beautiful = Actually Stunning Girls = Real ANGELS !! Artistic, Innocent, Most Tasteful, Very Beautiful Nudes. Sets 75-100 = about 1800 pictures. Dear TPB, Pirates, MOD's etc. You at TPB know if anybody what persecution and judgment means. You want good things to all, still you get so easily condemned. You are there at the frontline taking so much hammering. I am not doing much of anything but what i do is happening because of an incident that took place here. Last autumn there was some "creep" posting a zip-archive with the name Russian lolitas. Passworded of course. And he ridiculed all you guys who like to look at Young Girls, saying "you should not look at them. Therefore i have a password. I am only giving it to my friends, but do i have any friends ? No, i don't." He did a miserable thing and many guys was begging for the password. Then i thought, that this is so wrong, who is he to judge and tell you all what you can look at on your copmputer, in your homes, in your privacy ? I can only call that kind of attitude with one name: Fascism. Therefore i did upload some LS sets i had on my HD to protest against them and their presence here. I did understand that i could possibly get banned, but it seems that my call for Civil Rights and Freedom for Individuals was understood. I am not saying that TPB (MOD's) are for or against these pics as such - but that is not the point. All i am asking is to consider these questions: Who can call this Child Porn ? Should people really be persecuted for pics like these ? Is it anyone's concern what people do or don't do with pictures ? Is Nude Photography really always Porn or can it be Art ? And if it is not art, does it have to be categorised as porn ? And it seems like our cause is winning. I have the feeling that your Governments are not persecuting you guys out there. Maybe common sense is winning in the end ? Some "brown shirt"-guys are still angry, but we tear them down with good reasoning and simple logics. They don't have a chance thanks to your many great comments. Make no crimes against girls or women. Worship them more instead. Look at them as Angels. Consider for a moment a world without them ? They are like Angels in a violent world. Through them you can have a glimpse of Paradise. Peace, Love, tolerance, non-violence, Happiness to All of You.

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